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Piano movers

piano movers in BrusselsAWe are piano removal company  that specialize also in moving pianos and transport pianos anywhere in Europe and worldwide. If you have ever tried to move your piano across the room you can imagine how difficult it would be to move it down the hallway, down the stairs, and out of the front door. The key to successful piano moving is proper planning and execution. Although the soft shell of a piano is extremely delicate, the inner workings of this keyboard instrument are far more susceptible to damage during relocation. Never let anyone move your piano without proper equipment. All it takes one wrong move and your piano moving experience could become a catastrophe that results in a broken piano leg, damaged side or a scratched finish.

Our skilled piano movers transport spinets, consoles, uprights and grand pianos.

  • Every piano is blanket wrapped up in moving blankets. Cotton lined blankets are carefully placed on all exposed finish areas. Protective material is placed between the music desk and front lid. The legs, pedal lyre and bench are all separately wrapped.
  • All of our pianos are placed on specifically designed, carpeted piano beds for safe transport. The legs, pedal and bench are wrapped separately for safe keeping.
  • Our piano movers will ask you specific questions regarding your piano move in Belgium. We will ask you if the piano is currently in your residence. We will ask you if the piano is on the ground floor. If there are stairs, we will ask you for specific measurements of both the piano and stairway. We offer this customer service to ensure that we are prepared for safe moving when we arrive.

Are you looking for a company to move your piano? has built up an outstanding reputation by providing an exceptional piano removal and storage service at a competitive price. We transport the world’s finest pianos on a daily basis using our temperature controlled specialist vehicles operated by our uniformed and skilled staff. have become best equipped piano transporter for good reason, you can rest assured that your piano is in the best possible hands.